Young adults are headed back to USA tomorrow. What great people!

David Saunders picked us up in London, and we are in Windsor to pick up hat boxes and extra suitcases that we left here during our bus tour of Great Britain.

Globus bus tour was great in that we got to really see the landscape and major cities of England, Wales, and Scotland. Amy really liked the Scottish countryside littered with wooly sheep and recently born lambs. We overloaded Gene with visits to churches. The boys, Corey and Steve, noticed all the mechanical details of the buildings and machinery, and behavioral details of the locals and other travelers.

I am always amazed at Europe’s long and cruel history with the rise and fall of monarchs. From Neolithic peoples at Stonehenge, to the Romans, to the Celts, Saxons, Normans, etc., this history is dominated by those who needed to kill or be killed, in the effort of men to possess other men’s wives. (See John Keegan)

The highlight for me was to ride over an aqueduct on a barge that originally would have been pulled by a horse. I have always said the horse fueled an industrial revolution by pulling the canal barges ladened with coal, raw material or finished goods.

We are off to Henk’s place in Achel, Belgium today; and we will attend a driving event in Cuts, France this weekend.