ship2After picking up my car at the docks in South Hampton, we made the decision to drive to Dover and travel through the Eurotunnel at night. We thought it better to stay the night in Calais, France, so we might drive around Paris in mid-day to avoid traffic. Well, the best of plans often go astray. There were problems with the tunnel train, so our crossing under the English Channel was delayed by almost two hours; which meant bedtime was 2AM and there is no way to avoid the Paris traffic no matter what time of day you are there.

One might think we were annoyed, frustrated, and tired. Not true. How else could we remember the night and the trip that will lead us to Spain if it were not for standing outside the beautiful American SVU admiring its gleaming surface in the moonlight and the beautiful Parisian cityscapes, if it were not for the delays. We met interesting people standing beside the SUV, and learned from an English gentleman of the auto train to and from Spain. I have always believed in making problems into challenging gifts.

The French countryside and farmlands are a gift to our eyes and also to the people of Europe. I realize why all those Germans were trying to tread on The Netherlands and Belgium to get to France–it was to get to the beautiful land and the fruits of its soil.

We will spend the night in Clermont and travel to Spain tomorrow.