Spain 2015

Arrived in Seville for more horse activities. Tomorrow we visit Miguel de Cardenes where our Spanish horses were born.

  • Everywhere we go there are carriages, harness, and horses big and small.
  • The reason to come to Spain:
  • Regina can translate and guide you to all the best restaurants in Southern Spain.
  • Handsome Nacho can take you out for a carriage ride with Spanish horses.
  • The wonderful streets and stores in Seville.
  • Gene likes the food and David E Saunders likes the harness. I like the colorful ice cream shop.

Today we visited the horses’ stable and drove around Dos Hermanes.
The main economic activities of the city today are the production and distribution of olive oil and “Spanish olives”. We drove the horses by a wagon full of hand picked olives.

America, my homeland and the Philippines, Gene’s homeland owe a lot to Spain.

  • Queen Isabella funded Columbus(an Italian in 1492) to come to the west.
  • Spanish King Charles I funded Magellan(a Portuguese in 1521) to go to the east.

Seville was founded by the Romans and eventually after expelling the Muslims, was incorporated into the Christian Kingdom of Castile under Ferdinand III in 1248. Seville is now the center of the horse culture of Spain. There are over 3000 carriages within a 50 mile radius of Seville.

El Rocio if full of beautiful horses, sand roads, beautiful people, and great Spanish restaurants; this town never sleeps. The Spanish celebrate their religion and share their beautiful heritage here in El Roico.

Credit must go to the men who helped make this trip happen – David E Saunders, an expert four-in hand driver; Ignacio Pallares Lorenzo, a rider/horseman extraordinaire; and my buddy, Dr. Serra. If you need a good doctor, great friend and some jokes see Dr Serra.