To the lovers of horses…

…and those who care about our history:

Welcome to my world of horses and carriages and the ambiance of yesterday. Experience what it is to travel through many lands to collect and drive some of the finest carriages in the world. Wonder at the art and artifacts of a bygone era.

To save our history, I have spent the past 31 years driving horses, exhibiting carriages, and developing expertise and knowledge few will know. After winning many championships and awards throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, I am now mission-driven to share my knowledge of horses, carriages, driving, and their histories with you.

My journey has led me to understand that mankind has been using horses for warfare, transportation, agriculture, industry, communication, and commerce for over 6,000 years, and the automobile has been in use for only 100 years. Most people are unaware of this long and rich history, and they have not stopped to think about the horse’s contribution to their lives. My time is now devoted to presenting this knowledge through this and other websites and many PowerPoint-assisted lectures of my travels and the history of the horse.

As a world traveler, I have driven 17 different horse breeds, in 13 countries, on 3 continents. Read some of my articles and those of Linda Beaulieu, who was my appointments coordinator and currently, museum curator. Your club or organization can learn how I discovered each carriage and drove horses where the aristocrats of Europe traveled. I hope my experiences offer you a different perspective on history which will enlighten and entertain.

Click above for a tour of the Austin Carriage Museum where you will view the over 165 European and American carriages that I have collected and driven over the years. You will journey back in time for insights into the centuries when most people traveled by carriage and life was not without tending the animals that provided transportation and horsepower to perform daily work. View the only Full-state Dress Chariot in the United States that was once a favorite of Austria’s Emperor Franz Joseph and his beloved ‘Sissi,’ Empress Elizabeth.

I also offer you an opportunity to learn about other European and American turnouts and how to classify carriage on this site. Enjoy looking up pictures of runabouts, learning the origin of the term ‘phaeton’, understanding the difference between a phaeton and a break, identifying different kinds of English-style coaches and all sorts of other vehicles that formed the need for roads and bridges and that formed the foundation for the automobile and much of the terminology and expressions we know today.

I would encourage you to visit the Carriage Museum of America (CMA) and Carriage Association of American (CAA) for more information on carriages. As a Master Evaluator with the CAA’s Carriage Driving Proficiency program, I can review your driving skills for certification. Call the CAA.

Enjoy this site with its Museum, Articles and Blogs. For those who want to join me in preserving history, contact the Equine Heritage Institute, Inc., a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate, celebrate, and preserve the history of the horse and its role in shaping world civilizations and changing lives. Email: [email protected] Above all come back and visit this site again and tell your friends.

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